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The backing tracks hosted here are my personal collection and are completely free and available to help with your practice. Each link on the tunes pages will play a chord progression in the style of the song in the title.

If there is a song or tune that you would like a practice track for, please let me know (email address in the "About" tab). I will do my best to keep them coming.

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Recently added tunes:

Battle of Aughrim - Celtic
Cazadero - BG
You Are My Sunshine - BG
Pony Express - BG
Big Brother (Stephan Wrembel) - GJ

Country Boy (Albert Lee style) - BG
Hot Burrito Breakdown - GB
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes - OT

Cotton Patch Rag - BG
Cincinnati Rag (Trad Arrangement) - BG
Cincinnati Rag (Kenny Baker Arrangement) - BG
Dill Pickle Rag - BG

Fix: Itzbin Reel: B part corrected
Fix: Daybreak in Dixie: Broken link repaired

Bonaparte Crossing the Rheine - BG/OT
Bluegrass Stomp - BG
Cheyenne - BG
Amazing Grace - BG/OT
Rock of Ages - BG

Minor Swing 1937 version - GJ

Blue Bossa - GJ
Out of Nowhere - GJ
Seul ce Soir - GJ
Indifference - GJ

Rawhide. Key:C - BG
Train-45. Key:B - BG

In the Garden. Key:G - BG
Lifes Railway to Heaven. Key:G - BG
Nearer My God to Thee. Key:G - BG

I am a Pilgrim. Key:G - BG & OT
Festival Waltz. Key:A - BG
Washington County. Key:A - BG
Banjo in the Hollow. Key:G - BG & OT
Duelling Banjos. Key:G - BG
Hell & Scissors. Key:A - Old Timey
Duck River. Key:D - Old Timey
Sail Away Ladies. Key:G - BG:Kenny Baker arrangement, OT:Traditional arrangement.

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