This site hosts my own collection of backing tracks, generated with RealBand software. I use these for practice and learning. However I am happy to add more tracks to the site as and when I am asked. My hope is that it becomes a well used resource and we all benefit as a result!


Yes. I make these tracks anyway so it's not much additional work to set them free. (Update: it's a lot of work!) I made them available to friends and musicians I play with. I figure the better we all get, the more fun we have picking together. :-) It does cost to host this site however, so if you appreciate and use the tracks, you are welcome to donate with the button at the bottom of the page. Any money received helps to pay website fees and increase the library of tracks and styles available.


Most of the tunes on this site are arranged in the same way; 6 times around the tune with two instrumental solos included. This allows you to play the melody first, have two slots for variations/solos and then end with the melody again. The recorded solos encourage me to practice backup technique rather than getting hooked in an eternal loop of repeating the melody. There is now a button to remove the solos, if you wish. Update: Old Timey tunes have no solos, but allow you to add/remove the clawhammer banjo. Gypsy tunes default to no solo with a button to add them.


Most of the tunes are at a "normal" performance speed. I have included buttons to increase/decrease speed to suit your practice speed and ability. Practice slow - "Practice makes Permanent"


Just another one of you. I've picked the banjo for over XX years and love nothing more than picking tunes with like-minded folk. I am happy to share a resource with anyone who might want to use it (while torturing myself trying to figure out web programming at the same time!) I play mostly bluegrass, celtic and jazz tunes.


Is there a particular tune you would like? Let me know and I will do my best to post it for you. Is one of the tracks corrupt or has a dodgy ending? Let me know and I will try to put it right. If you enjoy using these tracks and find them useful, let me know!

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Disclaimer: All of the backing tracks on this site were generated by myself. I do not own or imply any rights to any of the tracks, however they should not be shared, copied or published beyond use for personal practice and study. All of the tracks are simple or generic chord progressions. They are not intended to copy or represent original compositions and contain no melody, lyric or particular arrangement. The titles associated with each of the tracks are used only to identify a particluar chord progression that could be used to play that song or tune. I do not wish or intend to infringe on the copyright of any persons property. All arrangements are generic and deliberately repetitive. Any similarities in arrangement to other published work is purely coincidental. The material accessed by this site is offered free of charge as an aid to music practice/study at home only. Any copyrighted material found on these pages is used for "fair use" for the purpose of personal study, review or critical analysis only and will be removed at the request of the copyright owner(s).